Special Committees

Our special committees are at the forefront of everything the CASSIG does. Each committee is made up of current PT and PTA students across California.

Community service 

The Community Service Committee is proud to show the public what the physical therapy profession can do. Partner with us as we take on the California Outreach Challenge, pledge to participate during PT Day of Service, and serve our local communities year-round! We are passionate about community service because it helps us connect with PTA and PT students from different programs, we practice what we learn in the classroom in a fun environment, we create opportunities to serve alongside other medical professionals, and best of all we get to experience the gratitude of others as we promote our profession.

Special Events

The Special Events Committee plans all SSIG-related and sponsored events, such as PT Pub Nights, in conjunction with conferences like the CPTA Annual Conference and Student Conclave.  PT Pub Nights are the primary events this committee organizes, as it is a way to help student physical therapists and physical therapists network, build relationships with one another, and most importantly, have a good time.  The Special Events Committee also finds venues and speakers for various social and networking events.  As the Special Events Committee, we take pride in promoting social events to all California physical therapists, student physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and student physical therapy assistants. 

APTA Advocacy 

The APTA Advocacy Committee works to help promote the needs of the physical therapy profession as it relates to both students and current working professionals. This flows from a passion for the profession and the importance of helping others understand its purpose, and the reality that there is still necessary growth within physical therapy as a profession. Current students are the future of the profession and this committee is a necessary bridge directly connecting the APTA and the CASSIG. In conjunction with the CPTA Advocacy Committee, this committee stays apprised on new bills and efforts put forth by the APTA/CPTA. Each and every student is able to make a difference, sometimes all it takes is one smile or phone call to the right person in order to help us reach our mission of impacting lives and helping our patients feel better.

CPTA Advocacy 

With exponential growth in the field of Physical Therapy, there are many new challenges to overcome. Although physical therapists have gained more recognition over the years, we have struggled to maintain autonomy in the health professional world. The CPTA Advocacy Committee is built around the sole purpose of supporting the CAL-PT-PAC. The PAC provides an avenue in which the profession of physical therapy can assume a thriving identity in the political world. Join us as we collaborate with the PAC to support the legislators who fight for our rights.


Newsletter committee members collaborate to come up with meaningful, relevant, and informational articles to send out in a quarterly newsletter every January, April, July, and November. This newsletter reaches PT and PTA students from across California and is meant to spread awareness about the CPTA, the APTA, as well as the profession of Physical Therapy.


The Nominating Committee serves to find the next batch of PT and PTA students ready to take on a leadership role within the SSIG. Committee members are responsible for recruiting and recommending students they believe are best fit for an Executive Committee position, creating a candidate slate for elections held annually at CA Student Conclave. The ultimate goal of this committee is to educate PT and PTA students on the many opportunities for leadership within the SSIG.


The Webmaster is in charge of managing the SSIG’s web presence. This includes social media accounts and our website. Creative design and content creation for each of these mediums are two main areas the webmaster oversees. Ultimately, the goal of the webmaster is to engage DPT and PTA students across California by providing consistent and meaningful content that can enhance students’ experience while in school and expand the reach that the SSIG possess. The webmaster also advises the California Outreach Challenge on website management and updates.

SPTA Chair

The SPTA Chair is responsible for communicating, informing, and updating the Student SIG on all information related to physical therapist assistants. The SPTA Chair will be the voice for SPTAs in relation to the Student SIG and is responsible for maintaining and developing the CASSIG liaison network between the Student SIG and SPTA programs. The chair will responsible for connecting with students in SPTA programs, organizing events for SPTAs, and seeking out ways for collaboration between student PT and PTA collaboration.

Want to be a part of a Special Committee?

We hold elections December of each year, in line with the CPTA’s election schedule. Currently, the election cycle is closed. For more information contact us below.