How We Work For You


Meaningful Connections

We are your connection to the CPTA and we are your link to all California PT and PTA programs. We are your voice, and your representatives in the CPTA.

Many of our events are also designed to provide purposeful development of your professional network. This includes networking with fellow DPT and PTA students as well as with current clinicians across California.

Leadership Opportunities

We provide leadership opportunities for those who are looking to get more involved, and an open forum for students to influence the way our organization can help improve their student experience.

School can be hard, so we try to make involvement simple and attainable, and have a variety of different commitment levels to best match your schedule.

Professional Growth

We aim to educate through offering supplemental courses in both Northern and Southern California that vary annually based on student interest and current hot topics.

Every event we organize and sponsor is focused on developing students. This includes clinical skill development through our annual HVLA course offered in northern and southern California, and through a variety of events including advocacy luncheons and panel Q&A discussions with leaders in the field.

Interested In Membership?

All current CPTA student members in good standing can be members of the student special interest group. Membership is free, and although many events and meetings are available to you as a member, no participation or attendance requirements exist. Sign up below!