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Executive Committee

Interested in improving our organization and the DPT/PTA student experience across California? Consider running for an Executive Committee Position.


Special Committees

Find out how you can make a difference as a member of one of our committees including Community Service, Special Events, & Newsletter!


Want to represent your school and keep up to date with the Student SIG and CPTA? Find out how you can get involved as a Program Liaison!



Serving in our local communities is an excellent way to promote the many benefits of physical therapy. Check out the California Outreach Challenge for current opportunities.

Involvement Calls

These calls occur regularly, usually every month or every other month. It is an informal setting for you to discuss involvement options and ask questions to the current SSIG leaders that coordinate them.

How else can I get involved in the APTA and CPTA? 

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APTA Student involvement

Explore all of the student opportunities the APTA has to offer

CPTA Student involvement

Updated regularly by the CPTA, see where you can fit in as a student

PT Day of service

Held annually each October, see how you and your program can help

APTA Core Ambassador

APTA Core Ambassadors work to connect students across states with the APTA. The California Core Ambassador serves as the primary link between DPT and PTA students in California and the Board of Directors of the APTA Student Assembly, and works closely with CASSIG to help promote student engagement and involvement in California!

Contact the current Core Ambassador at aptasa.core@gmail.com if you want to learn more about the position!

Applications occur annually each fall, more information on applications can be found here.


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